Klub Fitness

  • Klub Fitness is a website built to run onlu locally, eventually allow remote access, used to organize clients entrances and subscriptions in a gym.
  • Access cards. The program is built so that it can use a printer to print access cards for customers. Clients will be using their access cards in order to enter the gym and have their entrance automatically recorded.
  • Installation must be made by one of our specialists and requires a number of other programs to be installed before that. Out of these we remind the WebServer Apache and the database server MySQL. For more details, access the project's page proiectului here.

Wellness Ghid

  • Wellness Ghid is a website that offers the visitors access to the most popular gyms in Romania. Also, one can find ratings and opinions from others about each gym from the website.
  • Content Management System. The website has a very complex CMS specifically encoded for it, in order to meet all the requirements for usage and can be easily used by the admins of the website.
  • Design and technical details. The design of the website was not just constructed, was also applied to two wordpress blogs, and a vbulletin forum included, each with it's own specific style. Users can sign up and log in into the website from any page, including blogs, forum, or simply the main website pages. You may acces it here.

Games Zone

  • Games Zone is a website that contains information about the most popular pc games nowadays and about their hosting servers. Also, it contains a lot of servers on its private server that are being following and shown in the website.
  • Design details. The design started with a smarty template that was modified in order to be able to insert jquery animations and ajax requests for new information to be shown about each server within the website.
  • Technical details. In order for the site to be easy to navigate the smarty caching system is being. used. The website supports users and they can log in or directly connect to a game server. It communicates in real time with the servers in the database, offerind clear and up-to-date information about the server and the players currently connected. You may access it here