The Klub Fitness program, even though originally build as a website, uses many functions usually applied when working locally. It was meant to work with a Datacard Printer SP Series when it was first written, but can now be configured to work with any printer that can print cards and is connected to the PC. If you want your gym clients to be recorded easily when they get in and your emplyee to be able to easily work with both new and old customers, you may definitely use this tool.



Bug Free

The Klub Fitness Utility is built and verified in such a way that it does not allow for any bugs or mistakes to appear when it is being used.

Pricing and install

The out of the box price of the utility is $400, but this price may vary based on the demands of each customer in particular, as such: the printer model, the barcode reader model, the submission and pricing table, as well as the specifics of each submission type.

The install should be made by our trained specialist, as there are many configurations that are necessary and hard to get right until the program can finnaly run bug-free. If there is no possibility for our staf to reach your location then other utilities like TeamView or LogMeIn may be used in order to secure the install.

The necessary hardware set-up

In order to use the Klub Fitness utility, you must have the following hardware items:

  • A PC with Apache and MySQL installed servers, supporting PHP websites.
  • A card printer, Datacard being the recommended one.
  • A barcode reader.

Klub Fitness World

The logos below are of the companies that are licensed to use the Klub Fitness utility. If you are using it but you can't find yourself in this list, you may be a victim of software counterfeiting.

Using examples

In order to use the utility, both interfaces must be used:

The operator interface, allowing the employee to see the prices, to see any client and to insert or modify client information.
The admin interface, in order to see all the statistics based on the submissions payes by the customers.