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OE Game of Year – ESO (The Elder Scrolls Online)

screenshot-1Intro: If you want quality people working in your IT company, then you probably hired nerds. And if you did that, most definitely you have trouble getting them to socialize. Online-Expansion is here with the solution! – Gaming Night FTW!!!

This time we take a look at a game that will probably me the most sought-out game of the 2014, and will probably win more awards than Titanic ever did, TESO (The Elder Scrolls Online). Perfect for a ‘Gaming Night’ event at any company :)

Following will be a review based on this weekend’s beta testing. Since we (as beta testers) are finally allowed to share the game with you guys, sit back and take in all the arguments as to why this game should be in your collection, both as a company and a gamer.

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