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Complex Jump Gym SPA has arrived

Our partner, Complex Jump Gym has decided to open a new Gym focused on SPA treatments. His new business has also come with the request of a software to manage the new establishment. Also, connection between the two softwares should be done via a new tool that was installed in both places, to make it appeal to the needs of our partner.

He can now have management of clients in both places while printing access cards in only one place. We wish him luck with his new project! :)

MemoryServ has joined our world

With the arrival of 2013 and the release of the new Klub Fitness 2.1.4 for our partner Complex Jump Gym, a new client has joined our World. MemoryServ Complex from Reșița opened a gym and opted to work with us for their client management software.

We welcome them into our continuously growing Klub Fitness Universe!

Complex Jump Gym has joined our world

2012 has been a very fruitful year for online-expansion. So fruitful in fact, that even today customers are running towards us and we barely have time to respond to them all, let alone handle our own website. But, stay tuned, updates will be coming soon :)

First of, let’s count the wonderful clients that have joined the Klub Fitness world. In november last year Complex Jump Gym Craiova joined the Klub Fitness family, requesting new changes and improvements to our software. We soon got to it and had it done in a few months.