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Stay Fit Gym has joined our Klub Fitness Family

Stay Fit Gym joined the Klub Fitness family in May 2012. Although it started using the utility at version 1.1.5, there were still some requirements that were not met. Today it uses the version 2.0.0 like everyone else. The update was made for free. You can also benefit of this if you decide to use the utility and join us.

Kom Fitness has joined our Klub Fitness Family

In February 2012, Kom Fitness Gym joined our Klub Fitness family, being the first to receive the upgrades and is now happily using the Klub Fitness 2.0.0. updated for free. If you decide to join our family, you will also enjoy the same benefits.

Klub Fitness has lauched and is now at 2.0.0

Klub Fitness was launched in January 2012 on it’s original name Kom Fitness, name of the gym it was designed for. As requests were coming for new features also more people were interested in what can the program do. Eventually, we improved it and renamed it more general as Klub Fitness that has been completely recoded from the first version and is now at 2.0.0.

For more details about this project, please visit its dedicated page [1].